Goodbye Elizabeth Pena

One of the most vibrant, wonderful people I have ever known.

Savannah Dining: A Poeyum

The dining in Savannah, Georgia

Energy Center Clearing

A Mystic with a healing process to balance your chakras

Brande Roderick's Water

Businesswoman, model, actress, wife, and mother explains

Chinese Sex

How I lost my virginity to the foreign devils.

Nonprofit Legacy

Big giving for small nonprofits: Leave your legacy with impact

Beat the heat with Soothe

Soothe at home on-demand massages are the wave of the future

Anna Wintour

Queen of Fashion

American Suicide: Packed

(Un)happiness is a warm gun

Kelly Brook

Female iconic styles: Why curves are never out of style

Women are Wrong About Sex

What really turns a man on

The Genie Codes

A method for clearing the negative internal mind clutter

America's Great Game

The CIAs Secret Arabists and the Shaping of the Middle East

Women who look like men

And are still breathtaking.

Christian Faiths

Christian Faiths in Muslim Countries: Unpacking Christianity

Random Comments

The Killing of Robin Williams

Robin Williams

July 21, 1951 - August 11, 2014

Geeks Bearing .Gifs

Is technology some teenage deity named Troy horsing around?

D Mockcracy

Telemorphosis is the new Collective Selfie

Space as Cathedral

Earth's inhabitants still suffer from that oedipal thing

Daisy Dukes and Dont's

Hot pants, bloomers, short shorts...past their prime?

Accepting Unacceptable

Have our very tongues conjoined with our arses?

So Others May Live

The trail of a search and rescue dog

My First Pigeon Love

A dating simulator for everybirdie

Three Smokes and a Soda

The Cost of Doing Business in America's Prisons

Spring into Summer

It's Time to Celebrate Special Occasions in Style

Style Without Skin

Doutzen Kroes: Sexy elegance without bearing it all

Hair Slaves

How the Hair Care Industry Re-Genders America

Fast Track Flair

Opening Day Hot Spot for the Thoroughbred Club

Not Quite Adults

A book review for the rest of us (slackers)

Icon of Africa

Giraffes: charismatic, gentile, and unique

Journey of Discovery

Ricochet: riding waves to inspire millions

Intellectual Dishonesty

Johnson: How to plagiarize

A Story of Skid Row

I'm just going to go ahead and kill him.

Reducing Recidivism

Northampton County, PA: Three-Pronged Strategy

Clueless? As If!

Alicia vs. Stacey: Taking on Our Bleak American Landscape


From Tackyland to Awesome-Town!

Solar Impulse Pioneers

The First Round-The-World Solar Flight

Advice for Hollywood

Fatface vs. the evil Dr. Pencilweiner

When Evil Is Just Evil

Elliot Rodger and our futile attempts to explain his actions

A Narrow-Minded Traveler

An oxymoron?

CIA's Memorial Wall

Stone carver shapes monument for fallen operatives

Christmas in July

What to buy yourself for summer, that you'd never buy.

Shy, Solitary Hunters

Only 3,000 wild tigers remain in the wild

Ideas Are Sexy Too

Court ruling on 'tasteless' use of shirtless Albert Einstein


The Treasure of the Isle of Mull

You Have Gray Hair

Social etiquette, sloppy semantics and morons

Tinder Smartphone App

Smart asses, cleavage snaps and the emotionally crippled

Law School Ruins Lives

And all there's left to do about It is sue

Ambassador of Congo

Okapi: “ghosts of the forest” and a symbol of conservation

Roman Catholic Brainwash

How the Church sought to brainwash me into hating women

Miranda Kerr

Charitable work includes Children International

Halal-meatball Sub(way)

Halal meat is coming your way, whether you like it or not

Marlene Dietrich

The consummate bedroom eyes


New Hulu show premieres at SXSW

Icon of Perseverance

Eagles: Embodiment of Our Nation's Virtues

Omnivores in Moscow

Vladimir Putin seems so irrelevant, if only for a moment.

Suicidal Artists

What makes such greatness self-destruct?

The Heartbreaker Banquet

A Texas Music Festival

Fall to Rise

From Crowdfunding to the Big Screen

Persecution of Sea Otters

Circumventing the MMPA to hunt Alaskan sea otters

Waving, Back, Back, Back

Albert 'You Can Call Me Al' Einstein's done it again


The Need for Diversity in T.V.

Jessica Biel

Barking like a dog

Christmas at Buchannan's

Angels playing in the snow

Childish a Favor

Education in the contemporary world

Tradition and Stilton

A love affair with artisan cheese

Truly American Piece

An interview with Marek Wałkuski, an extraordinary author.

The Read to Blame

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Catching the Stars

Future in Our Hands

Rosy New York

Fairytale of New York by Miranda Dickinson

Literary Parisienne

In the world of Isabelle Lafleche

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